About Us


"United Together"

2017 is a new year. As a church, we must be united in many ways in order to accomplish great things for God's kingdom. My vision is for our church to be united in...

  • Love (Kev Hlub)
  • Unity (Kev Koomteg)
  • Worship (Kev Pehawm)
  • Giving (Kev Muab)
  • Serving (Kev Ua Dlejnum)

Our Pastor

Kx. Xeev Ntxawg Xoom

Senior Pastor

Sunday School & Service

Sunday School is from 9:30AM to 10:30AM
  • Alliance Men
  • Alliance Women
  • Single Adults
  • Youth
  • Preteens
  • Toddler & Nursery

Wednesday Night Prayer

Every Wednesday from 6:00PM to 7:30PM
  • Kawm Vajlugkub Tshiab & Thov Vajtswv
  • New Testament Survey & Prayer
  • Children's Arts, Crafts, and Singing
  • Childcare Provided for Babies

Sunday Service is from 10:45AM to 12:15PM

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for information, suggestions, questions, concerns, or prayer request

 7300 N Zuni St, Denver, CO 80221 |  (720) 515-5898 (Church Office)|  singersoung@yahoo.com